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Muscle Mothership Productions' recording studio is located in the Inner West Melbourne suburb of Footscray, Australia.

Being just 6kms from the Melbourne CBD, the studio is a 15 minute drive from the city center, or a short stroll from the Footscray train station.

The studio is a relaxed & unassuming space, small but generous in it's offering.  With a medium sized live room, separate control room,

and additional booths, the studio can accommodate individual musicians or a full band, tracking up to 32 channels simultaneously.

The studio has a selection of Drum Kits, Cymbals and Percussion instruments available for use, as well as an upright Piano and a small selection of Guitars.

We have a broad selection of microphones and mic pres, running into an Antelope Audio Interface, capable of 32 channels of simultaneous

recording at 24bit-192khz.  Monitoring is via a pair of Focal Twin 6BE Studio monitors, as well as a pair of Grover Notting CR-2 Cross Reference monitors.

The studio was setup by Musician / Producer Steve Smith as a private work space in 2014, and now excepts bookings  from bands,

individual musicians, producers & mix engineers looking for a suitable space to work on their music production.

 The studio and it's spaces is available for dry hire, or with Steve Smith as an engineer.

Please refer to the current studio rates & services listed below and CONTACT us to talk about your next project.



Microphone 1.jpg

Room hire with Engineer  -  $600 per day (10hrs). For a full service recording experience, includes room hire and engineer.

Drum kit & selection of amplifiers included, with an assortment of premium equipment available at additional cost.


Room 1 b_w.jpg

Standard live room hire no engineer - $200 per day as a lock out.  Hire of our main room in standalone operation, great for bands who want to record themselves, rehearsals, or producers looking for a mid sized room to work in.  P.A for rehearsing & use of selected instruments & equipment included.


Control Room 1.jpg

Control Room hire no engineer - $60 (4hrs), up to $100 for a full day.  If you are a mix engineer or producer looking for a light filled room to work from, our Control room is a great place to sit and work in.  Bring your laptop/interface and patch straight in to our control center and run your mixes through our Focal Twin 6Be monitors. 


Control Room 4.jpg

Live room & control room no engineer - $300 per day.  Adding the Control room to your hire gives you access to our Focal Twin6Be Studio Monitors for engineers, as well as an extra room for bands recording themselves to place guitar cabs etc.  You are able to patch into our Monitor Control section from your own interface/computer setup.  With up to 32 channels of audio routed between the Control room and Live room.



Single track mixing -  $200 per track

Single track Mastering -  $100 per track

Single track Mix & Master deal - $260


Multi-Track or Stem, mixed by Steve Smith in Pro Tools.  Price is based on unattended mixing session, includes digital file delivery.

Physical file delivery (hard drive) available on request, additional charges may apply.

DRUM TUITION - $60 (per 1 hour)

Drumkit 1 b_w.jpg

Drum lessons with Steve Smith - $60 (1hr).

All levels, beginners very welcome.  Learn from a friendly teacher with more than 30 years experience on the drums, and over 20 years as a career musician.  A great opportunity also for drummers new to recording to learn about microphone placement and recording techniques.

Steve Smith has taught drums in Schools & privately for over 2 decades and is also a touring & recording musician.


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